As the tides shift,
The earth echoes small swift vibrations.
Memories of the past reverberate,
This dance... this chance.

Crossing paths thru time,
And with all hesitations put aside
Found are the sensations of the present.

The hot molten core spinning,
Giving way to a balance which was chaos.
With this hard, beaten and battered exterior
Beginning to soften as if it were warm clay.

Shall this breath way to new blossoming beauty.
One so deserving of a thousand pictures
Both painted and exposed.

And with pages upon pages to yet be written
The Universe speaks so loud.
Yet in a whisper, reminds and nudges,
Closer... to a future unknown.

This elegant synergy riding thru time,
Out of ash it shall rise thru barren shadow
To spark, flicker, burn brighter and then shine.

With only the final verse to be told,
As Destiny unfolds.

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