Destiny Draining

A Master of None
My mind is full of dark clouds
Sad voices hang so heavy
Time passes slowly in my frozen mind
So broken in places, I feel only pain
They ask “what’s the problem?” but I have no answer
My heart is wild but without a master.

I do not guide myself, I am not my master
Sadness looms overhead in dark clouds
I call out for help but get no answer
When did my heart get so heavy?
Why do simple words cause so much pain?
I cannot escape my troubled mind.

Doubts are cultivated in my mind
The stress is getting harder to master
Everyday inches further into pain
The storm has arrived, no freedom from the clouds
The rain pours down hot and heavy
My bones -lifeless- do not search for the answer.

I would ask my spirit to stop, but I cannot hear the answer
Endless words and worries pace in my mind
Can someone lift up that which is heavy?
I wouldn't dare ask the master
Can you see in my eyes the clouds?
There is nothing left to feel but pain.

The mind feeds on nothing but pain
There really is no answer
I am surrounded by grey clouds
The past is tattooed in my mind
I cannot beat the master
Every choice before me is heavy

The stone in my chest grows heavy
You can’t ignore the pain
I begin to listen to the master
It gives me the wrong answer
I will not submit my mind
The sky clears from clouds

I am lifting up the heavy, clearing through the clouds
The pain is slowly ebbing, seeping out of my mind
I am my own master, I know the right answer

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