Destiny’s Trinity

To know me is to respect me,
that is if you get me.
I am all about animal rights.
Ending wars & fights.
Giving a voice for equality between women, men, unborn babies, & slaughtered cattle.
An endless battle.
Life shouldn't be taken for granted.
Regardless of spells being chanted.
Blind, deaf & dumb.
Common sense they need to.
Get some.
Ignorance creates violence.
Abuse with silence. They never learn.
They won't get another turn.
Feeble people.
Unforgiven hatred.
Don't know how to cope.
Will never obtain any hope.
Sometimes when I sleep I dream.
When I'm awake children scream.
The neighbor's are annoying.
Sleep I can't be enjoying.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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