Destroy the Monsters

Your laughter fills the hollow corners of my brain cells,
where unrelenting dark dreams cannot spread their evil;
and yet even with all their terrible deeds
it is your laughter that haunts me day and night,
poisoning my memories with a love that never truly existed.

My deep obsession with romantic characters
who play the role of the hero so flawlessly.

Filmstrips playing in my head of a dark lover.
The one who comes to save me from this nonsense-filled world
and take me away on some Gothic adventure.

They say I'm crazy; delusional, manic, insane.
Yet all I want is for the fake people to act like different fake people,
ones that wouldn't destroy the innocent mentality of others,
but instead place the children on pedestals
and worship at the feet of those true believers.

I just want the magic to come back..
Return to every inch of this polluted cemetery
of industrialized zombies and technological wizards.

Destroy the monsters
and bring imagination back into existence,
back into the minds of those with non-mechanical hearts.

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