The dark devious clouds,
slowly stretch across the sky like an inchworm.
The sun quarrels with these intruders,
refusing to hide it's face.

The oceans have created a new land
made of trash.
A thick island of human's trash.
Fumes rise from this land mass.
A huge predator
for animals.
Toxic Waste,
still here.

The only land protected are the cities.
The cities are trapped though.
The skyscrapers use their antennas to try
to pop the bubble that is used to save them.
Saving them from the problems of the earth
that they created for themselves.
Problems that they could never change.

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This Poems Story

Have you ever wondered what our world will be like years from now? I wroted "Destroyed" to make people aware of how polluted our world can get. Pollution from cars, factories and greenhouse gases greatly affects how we live. Many people have predicted that towns and cities will be covered with massive bubbles to protect them from the polluted world. I wanted to show that in the future you will be trapped in a small bubble you can't get out of just because you didn't help stop pollution. Our world will be in total destruction if everyone lets pollution continue.