Destroyed Sunsets

So beautiful, so sweet
Running entwined, this warm sweet dream
So happy and so bright
Circles we fight, igniting the light
between Us; what would be?

So lost, so cold, falling away slowly,clinging so close
Grasping, clutching and holding onto what we had
Soft winds blowing, tender touch
This all too sweet to let go, what we had, so sad

Drifting and holding you too close
Sky darkening, eyes closed
Blackness opening to swallow us whole; biting and screaming
This hot rain streaming all around,
Suffocating, alone in the dark,
Growing shivers, while breaking down,

Clasped hands let to rest, light in the sky fading
Dreams of what we had,
Sweet whispers falling from deformed faces
So many dreams we had, leaves me here,
So dead, so cold, fading with these memories
Without you, becomes a love I carry alone,

The dreams we had are gone,
We are to blame.

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