Destruction Created A Bond

I found you by yourself sitting alone on the stairs in a destroyed lost city.
This in front of a clouded burned down house
with your head down on your knees.

I would care to you no one knows who you are as you bleed.
Where you are?
I notice your dark brown hair with bangs that line the lace of your forehead.
I say hello as you begin to look up slowly and the pale of your skin silver in rest pink.
It's so clear that beautiful attention lent
your clothing are torn jeans with a fitted hoodie fleece on covering your head.

It's a blue shirt underneath it the lace of your necklace at best.
It is your boots that are worn of dread and are black.
Even so are your black leather gloves having dust over them?
My dear I can help to you with a touch of my hand to smooth you agreed to yes coming with me.
It's for her as the ocean roars in your eyes.

These are that the deepest green into brown night skies but to think.
I am new to this I would like to you kiss through this pain.
I believe you feel the same to do about that.
I sense that you want to do to me do in this field our hearts are spilled in a war.
The chaotic in this world hate us where all the flowers here are no more.

We are walking a distance now everything gone.
We are far from where I saw you found at your home alone erased.
In the town where we grew away leaving from a burial doom land here.
It's now with you are us this I am to keep reaching my goal.

I am seeking out for trust is always just much on this ledge of broken rocks.
The story told by you doesn't stop heart aches erase.
As it is now we appear laying down in a bed of rocks and debris covered.
This is through my eyes for those she loves for hours in this new house structure stagnant.

You do ask why I am here with you. Our bond is true increasing
something that we never knew would faith any clue waiting is it love.

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This Poems Story

This is about a woman that is left alone in her dire condition. In that she is to be discovered by some one unfamiliar.