Destruction within me

The thought of my hands being covered in dust of memories, like as if my hands were an untouched book, a book full of life and joy
My brain cannot comprehend the thought of my stomach being opened like a can of chicken noodle soup

My pain was having pain within itself, grown in my stomach the size of a golf ball
I was only 7
To my extent I had dozed off from a magic spell
My slumber was filled with invisible fear
As my parents waited and waited behind those bland concrete walls
Walls with fingerprints of questions
Questions that cannot be answered
I was only 7

Then woken up in a fluorescent luminous room filled with couches of tears knowing that I was okay
My hospital gown was not in trend
My nerves were catching up with my blood
Intertwined with with a medicine that will help me
Even if it meant, losing my long curly hair
Even if it meant, that I had to ...

Having fun to me was racing around in the hospital with my I.V stand trailing behind me like an unwanted guest
I was was only 7 when you slammed the door in my face
Is a murderous war
C-a-n-c-e-r, is the evil in cells, carefully attacking one another, until it's clones kill off the strength of a child
A child who was only 7 and now a survivor

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