Destruction Without a Home

By Nikki   

Home. What is Home? What is home to you? I'm 28 and it's something that I've never known. I've moved from house to house more than 30 times. God, what I'd give to call a house mine. I'm destructive to myself and everything I know. I hurt and hurt inside but try not to let it show. I wish it would stop, I wish it would just go away. But no matter how hard I try, Destruction's here to stay. Nothing I say or do comes out the way that I intend. All that's left now is to start over, once again. Maybe if I try to be someone different, life would somehow be better, maybe even excellent. I thought I'd do something life changing, at least be great. Obviously I was wrong, unless I accidentally ticked off fate., walks around without a home. Do I continue down this path, with my destruction and fear the unknown? Or do I write my own ending with a different kind of fate? Where destruction is gone, and I dive right into my new life, I dodnt hesitate.

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A little bit of me and my past.