Destructive State

The world is consumed on anger and hate as our governments sits back and watch the destruction of the human race.
The war on peace is such a bust and within our own people who can we trust? As our troops have died for centuries with civilians living out of poverty. 
Who's to blame when society is bent on total destruction but yet we have the edacity to act like nothing is happening. 
And the world’s police are just as bad as the criminals they are chasing.
We are humans who are meant to fall into temptation. 
We need to get a grip on our own nation as our own people are dying from starvation. 
Yet we are our own enemies as we dig our own graves and wonder who to save? When we have tears of blood coming down our faces. 
We need to stop and realize and break the cycle in order to save our world utilizing these words would be vital. 
The destruction among mankind and our world as we know it would be our final.

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