Break it down, break it down, may my heart lead to nothing more to a vacancy
Who is, what my mind decided to break apart the very words lied to by a whisper
Sitting here, listening to how sanity can be broken simply as a twig, broken
Similar to how a little doll falls, though is only made out of porcelain, fall does that pretty face goes
If I were such an object, decayed is what both the mind and heart becomes

Lay down, simply on your back, and let me know all the pain that is possible in a heart
Is it only the veins, flesh, bone, and mind that makes a human, sane
Is it beyond a celestial mean, that pain in evitable to flesh?
I become deteriorated, behind all how it becomes nothing more than earthly ground
Broken, is happened to a mere mind a human, deterioration is only the next step

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Broken, deterioration, a creative phase of the pain that can be endured