I sit inspired by a line of ants reluctantly working toward a
goal that seems impossible to reach. Never hesitant to bite off
more than they can chew.
I watch as a bird flies for what seems hours to find the perfect
twig to expand her growing nest. Suspecting she has the perfect
twig she flies off to her nest and puts it gently into the nest.
No, it is not good enough for her little ones. She takes it out
and drops it onto a looming tower of sticks that also didn't meet
her standards. She starts up a vicious cycle of picking a stick
and realizing that it does not suit. She never gives up and
eventually finds the twig that makes her
nest complete.
I notice clusters of newly birthed leaves yearning for light hiding
under a withdrawing overgrowth making way for the new, causing an
uproar of growth springing up in all directions.
I start to think about the time I've spent waiting for my life to
fall into place for me. I realize that life is not something that
you want to watch pass by right before your eyes. I am suddenly
determined to find and accomplish my own impossible
goal and find my own perfect twig, anticipating the day
people make way for me and I start to grow.

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