Devastating Beauty

This woman's beauty tenaciously catastrophic.
She is so seductively mesmerizing, yet a hypnotizing pleasurable eradication.
Advocating lascivious submissiveness intriguing all men,
Such a elegant physique, to manufacturing desirable sin.
The Queen of Insidious phantasy, Who is cloaked with velvety flesh,
A delusional demise to eager fornicating men.
Although she is perfection in realistic form;
All who quiver her with a lustfully narcotic climax.
Accepted the Queen's Unbreakable pact;
To stimulate her with a extraordinary orgasm, and men to gift their dissolution of life,
With that the wager equally levels each scales.
Unfortunately a unthinkable choice made of men,
Answered with a bulging love muscle.
Therefore they resolutely defining her as doom;
Otherwise know as Queen of Sheba; "Bilqist"!
Who's consumed men vulnerable by sexuality,
Swallowing them as a whole, yet slowly teasing her appetites need.
She moans in a blissful satisfaction,
Rejuvenating from their praising last words.
Ignorance is bait, for a sexual deviant goddess.
Devouring her opposite gender,
Walking amoung us with a stomach full of man.

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