Devastation, Contribution, Collaboration, Consideration and Appreciation (Australia)

By Dan Mac   

COVID-19 Virus is a truly evil guy
It tries many ways to get your body inside
Whether is nature or man made, we should be put these aside
One thing for sure, it has devastated the mankind
So many family members have died
But it is still not sure how many will follow alike

Medical scientists are squeezing theirs heads, for getting the vaccines against the time
So many brave healthy people putting their hands up, to be a guinea pig for the vaccine, is our pride
Health workers are closely contacting with the virus in the front line, without worrying whether they could die
Police and defence personals are protecting the communities, day and night
Volunteers are doing what their are told to do, donating their money and their time
All of them are risking their lives, some of them have suffered from the virus, and some of them have lost their lives

Governments collaboratively have tried their best to get the decisions right
No one can guarantee whether they are good enough without having a try
Government is borrowing money to support us with a blind eye
Not just free rental from the governments, thousands of dollars have but into your purse without need of thanks as a reply
We may not agree with what the government does most of the time
It will better off this time to follow government's guidelines, because they have diverse experts on their side

Without parties for years you won't die
Drinking and dancing with the virus, you could be expire
Being in intensive care do not worth it to have a try
Demonstrations should not be held at this frightening time
Regardless what you are thinking, risking other lives, why do you believe it is right?
Please consider others' safety, especially the elderly, in your mind

It is definitely horrified, in such a difficult time
Caring is our nature, sacrificing is beyond words to describe
Appreciation must be nowhere to hide
Such a wonderful society, many thanks for God's guidelines
Let's get together without whinging, against the enemy outside
Keep faith to God, concentrating our energy to get into the fight!

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