Devil in Sin

There is no scilence
Stop this noise in my head
Stop this pain
I say I will let you go,
But when the rays shine I am right back in your toxicity
Let me breath, please
I am caught up in your delusional web
I am caught up in broken electricity
Let me go

Let me go
Let me feel my moon
Let me go back to my darkness
Why did you show me the stars?
And you did nothing
Just sat and stare
I keep saying i will let you go
This is not a stargazing
This is just my messy mind
This my unfeeded imagination
Look up, see how high I am
Look up and see my light in the wickedness of evil
Can you feel me? Have I stopped the time again?
Can you see my trembeling eyes?
They are fooling me too

Let me be your soul mirror
Blow the hot air on me
This cold air is frosting my tears
Hold your palm perfectly on mine
Come closer
I want to hear your harrasing heart
Look, there is no outbound
Trace your line
Shape it like a rainbow
Trace your finger like you would in the finest sand
And then...just let me go
Let me fly back with my bat wings
I'm done devouring you

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