Devil Inside

Oh so you just met this girl, huh?
She's so sweet and kind
But don't underestimate her devil inside
It just might eat you alive, if you cross the line
On the minute I feel preyed, you're gonna wish you behaved
I do a 180 now you're the prey
Thinkin' I'mma sit here quiet
Bout the toxic shit you omitt
Bitch think you sly?
Lemme show you how to make a "big man" cry
I see you over there fronting
You think you're entitled
To touch girls whenever you please?
Ho, swear to god I'll have you on your knees
Begging for forgiveness, let me make it crystal
clear, wish you were dead so I pull out a pistol
Crying now, you're choking, who's the bitch now?
You gonna wish you never messed with her
cause now you got her on the prowl
Don't do the crime
if you can't take a motherfuckin' punishment
Still think you're the shit?
Nah, fam you made me do this
The way you repeat your sins, you'll never ever win
Cause when she feels vulnerable
Is when the devil comes out to play
Pistol whip right in your temple
You gon be praying tonight, simple
She friends with demons, sociopaths
So bet your ass if she can't pull the trigger
They sure as fuck would
Cause you can't hurt a bad bitch
without it being known by her whole posse
Look at my face, fucker and watch me
Trust me motherfucker I got a bad itch
To bring justice to sleazy pigs just like you
So when I look down on your face
As you're on the ground, spit in your face
No hesitation, to kick you back in your place
After her friends are done dealing justice
The devil in she will swallow you whole, fool

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This is a story about consequences