Devil Sweet Gum/Hurricane Aftermath

They call me sweet gum,
But don’t let the name deceive you.
There is nothing sweet about what I do.
I grow tall and big,
The Florida climate is what I dig.
But watch out!
With the first hurricane or even strong breeze
I don’t bend, I crack and break with ease.
I hit the ground in a small explosion,
Depositing a sea of spikey balls like a hellish ocean.
You’ll have a swell time chopping and hauling away my debris.
Make sure to wear shoes because a step on one of my seeds will bring you to your knees.
In the end, you’ll be thankful I didn’t hit your home,
Too bad I landed on your garden gnome!

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Tags : Florida, nature, hurricane

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This Poems Story

Aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Central Florida. I wrote this while in the process of helping haul a huge fallen tree out my yard.