Devil Wings

Father forgive me,
It's been three years since my last sin.
I have God on my mind, but a brother has to make a dime.
Wonder why in the ghetto that has to rhyme with doing time.
Praise Be,
Yesteryear, granddaddy said, I had dreams when I was a young'un
twenty-five to life, wasn't one of em.
25 grams, 25 years, handcuffed me with a sneer,
No need to fear, only your kind here.
God hear my plea,
swore it was only 24, nah, we've seen you here before,
You're guilty, don't you see, your skin is filthy.
Screamed to those above, I can't scrub this blackness off!
Believe me, I tried till I cried.
Father, tell me,
Since when was the color of my skin a prerequisite for sin.
Where I'm from, our girls can't even be proper nuns,
innocent in the eyes of none.
God has a plan for all of his Fans
I say,
Give Me Devil wings
In hell the Angels don't sing.
Give me Devil Ears
In pain, God don't hear our prayers.

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