Devil’s Playground Poem.

Devil’s Playground Poem.
The dark clouds of a sing of a huge storm coming in covers the city were in has god gone on a break why does it feel like the devil is coming in.. I’m stuck in a box the only way out is to keep the raps I know come out I never left myself to doubt..
Eye’s closed shut opening to a blurry light of life devil wanted to take my soul but I left him thinking in a blank as I cocked back the trigger of the gun now were in a world of life of death but it’s him who is gonna die blood shed in this mess.. Beep Beep Beeeeeep the line goes flat the doc is trying to get me back I'm spiraling in a white and black spiral tunnel I'm seeing the fire of hell trying to black it out and see the white light of heaven.. I hear the devil voice saying you ready to die I say right back to him taste my death surprise of led that your gonna be fed .. Nothing will stop my ambition to live..

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