Devil\'s Bell

There’s shadow men at my window,
A little girl offers me a willow.
I lie straight on my back and change the view,
But I cant hide my heart forever from you.
I twirl the dead flower in my hand,
Staring straight ahead at an invisible man.
I smile big and wide and evilly,
And scare him unbelievably.
The smell of dead bodies fills my nostril and I am somewhere else
Some lonely dirty rags crying into big water wells.
Dead babies drowning beneath
I nock on a door with a wreath.
The devil smiles down at one more life,
And my skin tingles like sharp knives.
I hear the ring of a bell,
Hot and cold I’m on fire in the pit of hell.

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This Poems Story

This is a poem about depression. It was a time I felt very close with the devil and tried to commit suicide. I felt like I surrendered my body to hell.