Devil’s Song

As my heart pumps this blood,
boy I swear I was a thug.
Till I saw this dime get shot,
Had a mind rush of these thoughts.
Man I thought that I was bold,
man I thought my heart was cold.
Ever since that bullet flew,
I just had the Devil's stew.
Now I hear the Devil's song,
it's my dream just twisted wrong.
I swear I've longed for peace,
but instead I hear that piece.
Ringing in my ear,
man my heart is so severe.
But the vision's oh so clear,
cause the Devil's over here.
Yeah he's ridin on my back,
swear I never pictured that.
Have my soul taken away,
but I never walk that way.
See I hear the Devil's song,
now I know I took it wrong.
Should've turned back on him,
but my chances looked real slim.
So I'd rather be with them,
then have all my visions killed.

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