Devil’s Wing

Chopper John saw the approach, the beast, a barbaric second wave.
The Battery, twin bodies swayed.
Ladder men go up the flights, smoke chokes and blinds their sights.
Kings and Queens watched shocked, ashes fall cindered blocks dropped.
Chopper John, what’s that you say, it was flying low over Raritan bay.
Daily life altered from eruption, demonized men complete destruction.
Twisted I beams in smoke, close up, humanity chokes.
The rock observers peered over the breach.
A billowing demon hung over Jones Beach.
Tuesday’s demise hung in the air, let’s roll, how many were spared
The Fuzz felt the anger, fire balls of red orange and amber.
The Chaplain was there, Lucifer didn’t care.
He erased God’s hand first, blasphemy he declared.
People cried on phones, no connection, listeners, no dial tones.
Don’s a top, established mobile ten, Chelsea Westside, good cameramen.
Team coverage, the director yells, take track cue.
Ghostly white figures are seen walking up avenues.
Emerged from dust, trade crumbles down, masked figures, powered clowns.
Recorded toil and grime, images telling the test of all time.
Thursday’s approached of the Lincoln, I noticed flickering lights a blinking.
Everywhere stood angels twinkling.
People’s candles brilliant and bright, souls reaching up to moonlight
In time wounds will heal but Satan has men, to him they kneel.
Twisted minds get subdued, God battles them, better men preclude.
Good over evil, mankind must conquer.
What doesn’t kill you Johnny, makes us, forever stronger.

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