Dew of Light

This dew of light has faded in the night,
where has its spark gone?
It was once a fierce flame-
Fighting for its rights
to let light entered into domain.
When every morning the Sun arises
To ignite its engine to race in this game called life.
This dew of light arises until dusk and
it sat until the morning spark of dawn-
In dusk it returned into ashes,
This swift time of death is where it been transformed.
They says you only have up to one hundred years
until this dew of light faded away.
In the first trimester of life,
I started off with so much aching pain-
I reflected back to think if only I reacted differently.
I have once been conquered but not defeated
Now a higher conscious-
I regretted the thing of the past
just to embrace a promising future changing its fate.
This dew of light want to fight for it life,
to stand as a torch in a hilltop as a salt to its flames.
Every sparks create a fire-
to purify this bleeding heart
and stand as light for the world to see-
and not focus on its shame.

Samantha- Written 8/2/2013 2:45am

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