Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

As dark as plaque,
They strike the body like a shadow of a crow.
They give us grief,
They give us endless nightmares like no tomorrow,
They drain men's soul of insulin.
They clot men's blood like devious fiends of the underworld.
You turn happy lives into heartbreaks of many more.
You took a grandmother's eternal life like a thousand sorrows.
You took a family man's courage to fight a good fight.
Diabetes and High Blood Pressure,
May take the lives of many,
The souls of many,
And the tomorrows of many,
but, many will live as we love each other so.
The world is scared.
My family is scared.
I am scared.
As we fight, we cry.
We cry for change,
We cry for a bright healthy tomorrow,
We cry to live and survive.
Cherish each nutrient like the souls of thousand children.
They will thank you,
With love,
And trust.
Lets turn our darken destinies into new tomorrows.

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