Diabetes Is Life My Life

Diabetes is life, my life.
Thousands of shots, millions of prick no relief.
The stabbing pain of the needle puncturing my skin I'm used to it.
Your not supposed to be used to something so horrible.
Horrible is the apitamy of diabetes.Diabetes is life,my life.
The doctors and physicians promise that everything will be okay.
I always seem to utter the word never.There will never be a cure.
I will never be ok. Diabetes is life, my life.
Depression, sadness.
The next day its worse.
The stress my body goes through. Blood. Pain. Tears.
Diabetes is life, my life.
Classmates say I'm lucky cause I get free passes out of class.
Those passes are because I need to see more blood.
Feel more pain, and cry more tears.Diabetes is life my life.
Stay positive it could be worse they say.
You try living with an incurable disease.
One day there may be a cure, that's what they always say.
Diabetes is life,my life.
It limits me, stops me, brings me down. When will this madness end.
A bully, a thorn, a permanent scar.
I wish there would be one ray of light at the end of the tunnel.
Diabetes is life, my life. Never sleeps. Never falters. Diabetes.

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