Life is immense. Wonderfully wide and open.
The light at the top dims from an it’s-all-about-
me world, the fast moving from bigger to best.
I ponder, why is My World closing in on me?

Perception is personal. I see a world unyielding,
unable to fathom those suffering a fading brain,
the misbehaving three-pound, twenty-four/seven
workhorse in my head. Anyone that cannot keep
pace is destined to walk alone inside themselves.
And from the outside, be misunderstood, perhaps
mistaken for a common fuzzy-minded alcoholic
scavenging for sidewalk solace, heading nowhere.
And me with a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment.
Shhh, don’t tell that my mind’s not working so well.
I might, could, end up on that same sidewalk!

Since I’m in the beginning stages, my unreliable Self
feels waterboarded daily. The uncharted waters bring
with them a choppy looking glass reflecting who I am,
and how I am doing.

My gage for what you see is what’s inside of me . . .
until it isn’t. Hey you, wait! Hold up!
I’m here today and want to say…I am okay.

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