dial tone

did you hear me ?
I just recited a thousand words but couldn't recall one
You want me to bring my love back
chop down my walls and be a lumber jack?
Be your women and cook too?
But be okay with you bringing another women in your life to?
Sorry no can do i cant be your favorite fix
You want me to bring you my heart and make it your favorite ventriloquist
You want me to be okay with being a option but you fear me having another man for my satisfaction
You tell me take the barb wires off my heart but you put the shock there
Funny how your not in my room but i can still see you there
Did you hear me ?
Your lies look like broken umbrellas
I love you but your missed mail
I don't know whats in the envelope your secrets always sealed
So i think its time for me to go
let my feelings reside and let this go because you cant hear me
If i wasnt me you wouldn't conceal me
If i wasn't in this room you wouldn't feel me
So are we clear now ?
Do you hear me?

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