Diamond Hearts

I was an oil patch
when i met you
we grew together
and you shifted roles in
my universe
we were thrust together
as all my friends
became your friends
and they pushed you closer
you applied more
pressure to me
and had more force
in my life
and i transformed
i became coal
a piece of me
was dug up
brought to the light
taken from you
the earth
my world was you
but that piece of me knew the truth
knowing the truth
had it's own costs
i got burned
and i knew it
i could feel it
but my ashes came back
i always came back
to you
after all
most of me was still there
little by little, though
more of me was dug up
and was burned
for someone else's gain
after that final goodbye
i transformed again
im a diamond
still in the rough
still with you
my ugly diamond heart
is still where you are
but i know im being searched for
and around me
are many others
but i can't see
their diamond hearts yet
but now i know the plan
God wants my heart to harden
so much that only
another diamond can shape it
and make it beautiful
and He is much more than a diamond
and he can shape me
after all
he made me
but he has set aside
another diamond heart for me
so we can shape each other
you're a diamond heart
but you tried to shape coal
but when i find that diamond
it'll be beautiful

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