Today I jumped to conclusions,
No surprise that I’m such a nuisance,
The dead end to my mystic musings,
Letting go of hauntings and hearses.
Yesterday I jumped from cliffdwells,
Found bruises from where I had fell,
Some things in life just don’t go well,
Jetting off of coalmines and curses.
You can read it all right there on the dotted line,
The days I got through and the days I wasn’t fine,
All of my white lies.
My diary is a dark place that I go to sometimes when I feel like it,
My diary is a movie reel you will never see that I have to pause to rewind it,
Full of riddles that I scribbled by my candlelight,
All my temper tantrums,
All my warbled anthems,
That came in through my window on the coldest night.
I wrote them all down,
When you were out of town,
So now I guess my worthless legacy will stick around,
So gather up a box of tissues and your tickets to the matinee,
Listen with your eyes and ears for what the queen of poets has to say,
And if you find the time in your pocketwatch, could you give a bit to me?
Come and read my diary.

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