Dichromatic Eyes


At times, I wonder the worth of your words.
They are so fragrantly singed upon me.
Are they your pawns in our "tournament de aure"?
So abreast of their omphalos.
Only a thread is able to distract.
The poison stored in my tongue suspended.
Because of the ice in your gaze.
Wait, what just happened here?
I forgot to breathe.
Incomplete describes your breathtaking stare.
Those eyes are oblivious to their glamour.
So rich and drenchingly supple.
How you infiltrate and frighten my thoughts!
I want to run away but refuse the barren paradise.
That power knows no boundaries and yet.
I cannot believe that I yearn for it to keep momentum.
Ardency for the tucker you exude unapologetically.
I see you.

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