Did I Mention?

Ever since I started writing to solve my problems I can see clearer.
Maybe it's because there's nothing in the margin.
Everything I say spills on the page which stains my mind.
It may sound kind because of perception. But nothing makes me hurt more than regression.
If you need to be schooled I'll teach you a lesson.
Normally I'm nice but your attitude twords me is ice, colder than Antarctica nights.
Like i am and will always be a no life.
I'm not sure if it's spite but I feel it could be jealousy or rage.
But that's fine I guess, at least it's filling the page.
Maybe your soul is Sage, sweet but bitter. You say I act under age.
But I'm doing as much as you.
I guess if there was one thing I could do, I'll change your perception.
I want you to see I'm all about progression.
But when you lose the thing more important than money, that's true depression.
I guess I'll just wander on until you see the beauty in what I've drawn maybe then I can spawn your attention.
All I want is respect and love did I mention?
I hate every time we talk.
I only get angry because there's tension. But I'll make my writing go on a short suspension and I hope I see you guys there.
Did I mention?
Ill accept you and Lillys little brother. Your man too.
Did i mention?
I only want my baby in my life.
It dosnt break my heart he wants you as a wife.
Im happy for you.
Did i mention?
Im sorry for all the ill will in the past.
But we need to let all that anger take a rest at last.
Heres a truce so we can make our baby happy.
Im being serious im not trying to be sassy.
I just thought youd enjoy a presentation thats classy.

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A truce to the mother of my child.