Did We Ever Say Goodbye?

Pardon me, but do I know you somehow
Or was it something you said
Which led me to believe
That our lives were entwined
At a point in time
Where time stood still
And we were given a reprieve.

There are those moments when you know you knew
This person in time who came out of the blue
And you thought you knew them in another time
And certainly you did without reason or rhyme.

It is just that our spirits touch each other's past
And the hour of our redemption
Is the life that did not last.

But we were born again in another place in time
It had no purpose, no reason or rhyme
But somehow we knew that we had been there before
Wherever that was we did not keep score
But when the Lions came dancing, and stood on our grave
It is because we had left, and raised our hand with one wave
And said goodbye forever to a past we had known
And were born again in a place we now call home.

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This Poems Story

I have been writing poetry for forty years, but have never submitted my poetry for publication. I now have aspirations of doing so. I feel my poetry speaks for itself, but I will say that love, beauty, and a search for the truth, as well as the love of my family, have been the sources of my inspiraton. One needs to love to know beauty, and in that beauty is truth.