Did What I Did Do What I Do 

No one understands what I do. 
That's a secret known by few. 
I did what I did and I do what I do. 
No motive, no means just opportunity for fun. 
Did what I do, 
Do what I do. 
No rules, no pain, only me to blame. 
If I could; 
Wish I could. 
Make up a memory while rewriting history  
Day by day I up my game and give it my all  
With no fear knowing I may fall 
Did what I did, 
Do what I do. 
I skip the drama and sing my own tune. 
Moving and grooving with every beat of my mood.  
I don’t care if I’m misunderstood. 
Did what I did, 
Do what I do.  
My present nor past need not be defended, 
not shutting the madness down. 
Push me to my limits and see how crazy I am.  
Look at me Miss fancy pants. 
Did what I did,
Do what I do. 
I happily recreate my childhood dreams, 
by no means will I ever give up on jellybeans.  
This won’t go on my list of bad choices. 
Did what I did, 
Do what I do. 
I'm a genius 
with no sign of weakness.
Don’t be unkind. 
You won’t be hated. 
Truth be told. 
All I want is to paint a real life picture. 
This I can do. 

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