Did You Ever Feel Like….

Is it a problem with me if I'm always the
unfortunate one?
Am I a glutton for punishment is everyone
or only some?
When did it go wrong in my life that
I'm now here?
Do we see the reality of our life or live
in fear?
Who did I disappoint this time around
Why did they feel affected by me or
just how?
I'm sure they think it was deliberate
if so.
But without communication, I can say
I don't know.
Fear overwhelming is for the mistakes ever
how small made.
Thinking what if all this is why the love went
dark in a fade.
If ever I could do it all over again, would I,
I wonder
Or would I just repeat it all over as if a
deliberate blunder.
So many questions of what I do to others
so wrong.
Never had a thought nor even a doubt of them
all along.
Yet inside I felt it was never really me that
did this.
Only questioning cause something of them suddenly
I now miss.

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I just wonder if this ever happens to you too?