Did you have to go?

I did not even know what to do
Neither did I know where to go
I just kept wandering on the veld
Not knowing how I really felt
At times I'd weep, all day long
And play a very sorrowful song
I'm looking for an answered to the question-why?
Didn't I have to see you with my eye?

So much you and I would've done
But too soon you were gone
How I wish I had seen your face
But you left at the fastest of the pace
You should've taken me along
So we'd laugh all day long
I wish I could hold you in my arms
Tightly till the end comes

You left, part of me left with you
For my life revolved around you
I'm still trapped in a pitiful hole
Nursing my troubled soul
I'm still overwhelmed by the pain
I'll endure till we meet again

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