Can you imagine how life has been after you did depart?
How the world around me has shattered and fallen apart?

Did you know your leaving wasn't just a man's demise?
It was the birth of unknown miseries and endless cries.
Did you know your absence carved wounds never to heal?
It was your pleasant presence that made my woe my weal.

Did you know all my words and actions are now in vain?
It was your wit and wisdom that would make them sane.
Did you know your loud laugh invoked in me utter delight?
It, being devoid of you, is nothing more than a scary fright.

Did you know a sudden thud now creates terror all around?
It was your sheer fortitude making me feel safe and sound.
Did you know that your past stories amused me to the core?
It is bitter to tell my present ones been so painfully sore.

Did you know that your smile was suave and serene and rare?
It's gone and intangible but still persists in my breaths of air.
Did you know the way you conversed or made comical chatter?
It's yet the best for me for I can't find any other way better.

Did you know the simplicity in you made us love you the best?
It beautified your character and conduct out -shining the rest.
Did you know the robust stature of yours was a kind of marvel?
It caught the eyeballs of the city and put you on the pinnacle.

Did you know your existence was no less than a blitheful bliss?
It is the only entity my world is always going to hunt and miss.
Did you know your voice'd been the sweetest lyric I ever knew?
It is unheard for the world though; but to me has undying value.

Did you know the values you inculcated in me deep are still intact?
It is you only being my worthy ideal would always remain a fact.
Did you know that you taught me to make promises not to break?
It is your creed alive in me to be real and not to behave fake.

Did you know your cosy corner keeps looking for you all the while ?
It keeps craving for your transistor, your tea and all the messy pile.
Did you know the lane you 'd pass through misses you everyday?
It yearns for your tender footmarks though it would never say.

Did you know you left your chic imprints for the world to see?
It's your visage, your head, your heart, your stance resting in me.
Did you know the Angel of Death couldn't carry you away whole?
It was just the corpse He took away and left with me your soul.

Did you know that I 've been living like the way you had liked?
It's just as you told to live simple with no expectations hiked.
Did you know I always wonder if I could really keep my word true?
It would be a life meaningful keeping my promises made to you.

Did you know my heart oft wrenches thinking of your secret ache?
It was all your large - heartedness forgiving all for God's sake.
Did you know even I apologise to you if I hurt you anytime any day?
It's me folding my hands for pardon believing that you and God may.

Did you know inhaling and exhaling for life is merely a duty?
It is your death that has taken away all its charm and beauty.
Did you know life is never going to be that happy, that easy, the same?
It is willing to meet its end leaving behind your virtuous name.

Can you imagine the gloomy state of my heart and my mind?
How could I make it all worth having no readers of your kind !

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