Die A Legend

I see lights glimmering in the sky
I see eaglets yearning to fly
Within me thoughts and desires collide
Fears preclude me from dreaming wide

But today I set sights on glowing stars
Hoping to inherit glittering of Gold bars
Let fathomless tenacity elevate my spirit
Today I'm recreating my life, to relive it
Dust of hope , propel me towards immortality
For that I'll retrace my steps with audacity

Life surely ends , but I hate dying
I can feel my death coming
Yet this life hasn't been lived to fullest
It has been a dark night , the dullest
I've seen roads diverging
I've seen the young ageing
By dint of lassitude dreams faded
I've seen lives entirely wasted

Like rocks and steel corroding
A fertile soil of dreams was eroding
That pierced my heart, left discernible scar
A wound to be healed by being a star
For that I wanna Die a Legend
I wanna be a praised, adored in heaven

Never had I been heroic on Earth
Never had I been watched on my path
Yet my buddies resembled angels to me
They all die legends to me
cause it isn't about routes taken
It's about spirit of ambition reawaken.

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This Poems Story

This poem carries a message that you don\'t need to be popular to be a Legend . You don\'t need to play a certain sport but you can be a Legend by impacting positively on people in your life. In the first verse the poet sees eaglets yearning to fly which impels him to also desire to change the way he lived his life and start living more purposeful.