I know I'm to be different but everyone is trying to be perfect
so they copy their friend and their copy enemys
I want to help everyone else but I'm not sure what to do,
because some people are amazing but try to act as someone else
and some people have faked as someone with better clothes than them
and don't know who they are anymore
So, diversity is important to not just me, but the world because,
what would be fun about having the same name as everyone else,
and wearing the same clothes?
Who would like having to go home saying that
he/she wore the same exact clothes as everyone else at school.
Being able to express that you are yourself,
is more important than being cool
It's better than being popular,
and better than having a million friends.
It's better than all that because,
being able to be different is being able to express your personality
and being able to shine in your own way, and be yourself.
It's better because you can be free and have fun,
without having to copy anyone else
So no matter what, be different,
and be yourself
have fun and never copy others
Shine in your own way and make your own friends,
and most importantly,
have diverity.

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