Different Visions

I'd like to re-analyze the direction my life is going
Every Care Leaving With Each Hit That's Blowing
Transfers Of Beauty Through Eye Sight Meeting
Love makes the heart start pounding
See I was Never able to sit still or pay attention
Never wanted to except a teachers lesson
Because I wanted to go face the world on my own
Make Mistakes that showed me what it's like to really be grown
I developed such anger for the people around me
Every neighbor got the same attitude as my family
But hell I was lonely, with no one there to comfort me,
I Began Realizing the world was phony
Made of ghetto dreams, and rich white kid ponies
The industry was make believe, turned inside out from a nightmare to a dream
I'm wondering how many people in my life will drop into a grave
You realize emotion doesn't matter,even if you're a coward of your brave,
we all die the same
We all perish and rot away, living with the same self destructive brains
I learn from the past to alter my future
Bibles written in different languages, the people reading my scripture
Cause my opinions do matter, I liked to alter the matter that is subject to
Metal ripping through the world, Children Dying with their fingers curled around triggers or jays with their paper pearled
We are all responsible for the situation, The political suites racing toward
the human extinction

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