Different Worlds

I complain about how my parents won't buy me the latest, new shoes.
He desperately searches for even a penny, to support his family.
I complain that I didn't get an 'A' on the test.
She didn't get any water for the day.
I complain I don't get enough sleep.
He had to work from dusk to dawn.
I complain that I'm hungry, even after a snack
She hasn't eaten for days.
I complain about the scary bugs in my room
He complains about the war in his home.
I complain about how I want a more fortunate life.
She prays to just move to a safer country.
In this like world, we are all of different economic stages.
There are people who are desperate for family needs.
People can be selfish at times when they don't know otherwise.
We are in a world of diverse people,
and we realize we are way more fortunate than so many others.

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