Digital Gen

I am too dependent on my phone
That I can't remember the last time I had a normal conversation,
Non face to face communication
Seems to be the modern way
Of interaction,
I think online,
I talk online,
I shop online,
I date online,
Have arguments online,
Last night I broke up with my lover
Now I know I'm addicted to having my hands on my silver device
To the point I forget what it looks like outside,
Its been 2hours nonstop
I'm still scrolling on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Everyone seems so happy in these digital images
I also want to be happy like them
Take a selfie,show a smile
Post it online that is just the way it's done,
I do not want to be a part of virtual depictions of happiness
Since nobody wants to speak about their realities so instead they cover their rawness,
No one wants to link up these days
Sit down and talk like the old days
Too busy staring at blinding screens
That I forget how the sun feels
Soul breathe, mind freeze
Look around you, see the
Time flee, digital world is not real
Deactivate it and reactivate me

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