I need an escape from you
because I hardly think
that I can stay.

This madness that you have brought
to me has become
unbearable by now.
Since you have hurt me,
you have killed me,
you have taken
that I have.
You left me not even my feelings.
I don't remember
what it was like
to even feel sadness.

But somehow,
you left me
feeling empty.
I am weak.
I am stripped down
to my core.
I walk around now,
cuffs around my feet.
I fall.
I lie naked
on the floor.

"Where is your dignity?"

Funny one would ask.

It lies beside me.
In the innocence
of my clothes
that you tore off of me.
Among the other things
that you stole from me.

I can no longer reach them.
But I know
What was mine will never
will not
be yours to own.

- tiny willow.

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This Poems Story

This empowering poem is about overcoming someone who has worn you down, drained you of your energy, made you feel restrained. It is the first poem to my new collection, 'Finding Strength in Stories Untold' by Tiny Willow. Please feel free to connect with this poem as you please, take it into your own point of view.