Dilapidated Dream

Taunting dream in shadow lie;
abating hope, whispers defy.
Cascading crevice, a lucid trance;
forsaken promise, teardrop romance.
Yet, bleeding eye in fallen sky;
release chide finger, wilt lullaby.
Boast in sunset of tattered rain;
sensual exploit, fear abstained.
Breathe in thoughts of gentle greed;
fond affection, truth's heart concedes.
Follow, lead with placid mind;
let potent thoughts of hate unwind.
A creature lurking in shaded sun;
tepid fruit in Valley of Eden.
Awake, dear one, with inner plan;
cast off grain from the sandman.
Enter light, perilous one, now fight;
create harmonious future insight.
Speak naught of haste, taste stream divine;
break forth from tainted bloodline.
Jewel painted on the sand;
listen to what God's will demands.
For in the night of haunted dreams;
terror strikes, eliciting screams.

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