By K.C.   

Hi my name is Dilaudid.
I’ve had control over your mother since you were a kid.

Or synthetic morphine if you prefer.
The reason you can’t recall the true her.

A legal narcotic prescribed by her physician.
Destroying your everything has been my mission.

Dad is human, he can only do so much.
So now you have the motherly touch.

Cooking and cleaning while your siblings played.
“You live so close.”
I’m why you stayed.

Afraid to take more than a Tylenol,
or down the same path, you may fall.

The cause of convulsions on the floor.
I’m what made her call you a whore.

A stent in rehab, couldn’t break me.
I’m part of her now, she’ll never be free.

She tried to cut me out of her wrist,
but I’m intertwined with her life
sealed with a kiss.

She uses me to mask every kind of pain.
Short term memory has gone down the drain.

Threatening to runaway in the snow.
Without pants or shoes she tries to go.

Talking to chickens that aren’t really there.
Into your own family, I’ll tear.

Oxygen is necessary for her shallow breaths.
Husband frequently wakes her from death.

Delusions of abuse and it’s him she’ll blame.
Always unhappy, there’s no winning this game.

Terrified she’ll never be remembered.
Praying for one more birthday in September.

This has been going on for over 2 decades now.
It takes more of me but I still pack a POW.

A second rehab is requested
But she likes me more...
how could you even suggest it?

Broken promises and missed milestones.
Hours of listening to her cries and groans.

She rudely demands me, throwing a riot.
As soon as I’m administered, she’s immediately quiet.

Laid up in bed under my spell,
still making your life a living hell.

I’m good at my job, gotten the grove.
Now her intestines barely move.

Stomach has been stopped for several days.
How long can she keep living this way.

Another ER visit, for the worst you prepare.
Your millionth time in the waiting chair.

She thinks you hate her, constant friction,
but all you want is your mom without my addiction.

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