Diligence and Submission

She is like a tree planted by the waterside
That never ceases to bloom through the seasons or times,
And flourishes even in the hardest of times
She is not just a hearer of the word but daily searches the scripture
She is a close companion one ought to have
She strives not to see others starve
She despises not those in lack
Rather cheers to keep on track
A friend in time of need, she is
A stronghold of hope in her time of bliss
For all her services, she demands no reward
Nor before rendition, requires award
She is not the blend that craves materialism
But with peerless zest she seeks good futurism
Being virtuous she stands out among the rest
And like the falcon nurtures her little ones with the best
She never defames rather offers good counsel
Her gossips bring joy and harmony
Her roof is a haven for the homeless and for the needy
A fortress for the haunted and the weary
She is prayerful, resourceful and kind
When she gives all who watch wonder whether she is blind!
She is the joy of her household
An embodiment of virtue in her neighborhood
She is the news and desire of her spouse
And with contentment she commands her house
Never do her sons hunger
Nor would her daughters wonder
Diligence and submission shall be her watchwords

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