Dill Pickle Chips

Obliteration of intelligence
Is the worlds new development.
I focus on
Me and mine
And this is why
I'm on my grind.
I speak my mind with diligence,
I rhyme my words with dill pickle chips
Because, yeah, yeah,
Everything goes with
Dill pickle chips
I'm lame on my
Swagger type
But no way
I'm not all about that hype
I'm real
And chill
I dunno if you can even understand it
It's amazing on a palette
Like a taste bud ninja bandit
By the way Yummm
I'm talking bout ranch
Oh man, ranch
Universal thing with many purposes.
Use it for fries, to shine your car,
Or come up with some shit
To get pretty rich pretty quick! Ha
It's on
I'm hotter than a fucking filet mignon
You wish you could,
Better get like me.
Even second-best can't compete.
But perception is personal
So my best
Is not your
It's irrelevant, for sure
Because I'll always see things my way
And you'll always see things yours.
Two feet
In my mouth
I always get tongue tied
It's amazing I'm alive
Because all I do
To fill my existence
Is drown my pain in
That's right,
Dill Pickle Chips.

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