Dimensional Reality

The elementals of air, fire, water, and earth are gathered together to open a portal to another dimension. The guardians of the gates are summoned for protection and guidance. Through chanting and drumming, trance is attained, and then ascension.

Floating aimlessly upward, a pulsating ring is seen, which is threefold brighter than the sun and at its center is a black starless night. Emanating from the void is a low pitched, droning, hum. A heart pounding sense of fear is felt and I begin to turn away from the light.

Suddenly, I am greeted by my spirit guide; and as if by magic, I feel a sense of calmness and serenity. My guide leads me through the ring and into a tunnel lined with alternating, multicolored lights. On the other side we are welcomed by myriads of multidimensional beings and an expanse that extends into infinity.

I had never felt such a feeling of love, peace, and elation. In the distance I see a rainbow colored crystal palace atop a green mountain. My guide says I cannot go there now; residing there is the maker of all creation.

Abruptly, I am drug backward and downward by beings with enormous black, reflection less eyes. My spirit guide is vanishing in the distance and assistance is just out of range. Passing through a silhouette of a violet hued ring, I feel a rush of negative emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, and depression. But, I realize that some of these feelings are not really that strange.

In the distance I see a stone mountain with an emerald embellished golden palace. I see more black eyed entities that refer to themselves as the guardians of the lower gate. Unexpectedly, I’m rescued from this dimension by a large winged being who introduces himself as Michael. He tells me that I cannot handle too much of the upper or lower dimensions because of my present incarnated state.

Back in my reality, I have a nagging desire to return and be immersed in light and love. Being enhanced by the enlightened ones, I am now aware that I am a small part of the dimensions below and above.

Deborah L. Kelley
January 12, 2014

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