If you a master craft in playing the piano,the voice note is mind!.
Wisdom and understanding and adeptness,all in different dimensions according to perseverance.

Ask a melancholy to speak,he will criticize and misuse the words but ask him to write,boom,he will debunk the follies theory.
Melancholies are bookish theoric more practice with pen than prattle with mouth.

Different gene is giving way for the Procreation
Of many head worth in wisdom.
That's why unnecessary competition is never due playing.
Never him punish with only a shoe to polish without a cloth to iron.
If he's naive in all and master in one,that dude a model.
A single of what he can perfectly do is better than engaging in all and become a fish brain.

Allowed him, grace and gift differs!.

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Jack of all masters none. Not until your child learn and acquire bundles of wisdom in any field of life before it\'s counted for him as \"a well done job\". If he can master one act and become an expert in it, allowed him. He\'s only doing what he can do most!.