Dinner is served

By Lilly   

The deep yellow undertone of your smooth skin.
Was that of the succulent butter sauce,
You dip a decadent lobster in.

The fiery red embers
Ride along the surface of your butter skin,
Make it too fragile to touch.
Ouch. ouch that hurts.
Perhaps the sun kissed you a little too much my dear.

Yet here you are.
A divine, rich lobster,
Being dipped in that butter sauce.
Oh so fanciful, and elegant.
Makes you water at the mouth.
Just thinking of the juices falling between my lips..

I so wish I was as rich as you were.
Maybe then I’d get a taste.
A lick.
Even a tasteful little bite.

You were served to me on the upmost shiny platter.
A platter made of pure horse power that roared
Upon entering my home as a guest.

With your beautiful eyes staring back at me.
You seemed cold,
But it was making me oh so steamy.

You could easily pinch me.
You had claws that any man would fall for,
Yet, you didn’t use them.
You were sweet,
Something to be finished off with an elegant note of smooth grape.
Or even bubbly.

Dinner is served.

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Key Words : eating, spooky, taste, dinner

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This Poems Story

this is more than just an innocent date. it’s meant to be more grim than anything because I wrote it on halloween.