Diploma Day

The clock is ticking
Time is slipping away
As we all count down for the day
While there’s so much joy in the air
Why is that I don’t find it fair
You see, life cheated me
This isn’t where I intended to be
The smiles and cheers from them
As I see my chances are slim
I’d like to say I’m ready
But my head remains unsteady
I dread this day that will be here
As if I have something to fear
It’s not fear at all
I just know I won’t get to call
You aren’t here when I need you
Even though you say the same about me too
To see your face on this day
Would be something I wish I could say
But bad choices led you to this path
And now I must suffer the aftermath
The absence I feel
Deep within is something that may never heal
I wish I could’ve made you stay
But now, time is slipping away

The clock is ticking
As we all count down for the day
To huge you and hear “I’m proud of you” is all I needed you to say
But for me, “I’m okay” will be the easier display

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